•  Prior to becoming the director of faculty at Meten Preparatory Academy, John Wilton Kelley served as the president's senior educational consultant. He frequently met with the President in an advisory capacity to go over reform-related ideas.



    John Wilton Kelley was Meten Preparatory Academy's Senior Educational Consultant to the President before taking on the position of Director of Faculty. He often met with the President in an advising capacity to go through proposals for school reform.


    Additionally, he helped with teacher scheduling, introduced Meten Preparatory Academy's policies to incoming instructors, and often presented at staff meetings. He also instructed incoming faculty members on the school's attendance and behavior monitoring systems as Senior Academic Advisor to the Principal.


    Additionally, Kelley was in charge of accumulating data on the student body and often visited with parents to talk about student progress and areas where they might make improvements.


    When he started working there, John joined Meten Preparatory Academy as the department's chairman of science and mathematics. Before taking on the position of Senior Academic Advisor to the Principal, Kelley managed seven instructors in the Science & Math department.


    John Wilton Kelley coordinated meetings and served as a contact with the school administration in his capacity as the department's chairman. The top pupils at Meten Preparatory Academy were also entered into math contests, and he arranged the yearly science fair. He also controlled the use of department funding.


    Kelley also taught Junior Physics, Honors Senior Physics, Honors Calculus, AP Calculus, Pre-calculus, and General Science when needed elsewhere and throughout this period.

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